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BGI Bioinformatics Workshop on Diseases

June 16-20, 2014, Shenzhen, China

With the application of high-throughput sequencing technology and the development of genomics, the study model of

human diseases has been gradually shifted from hypothesis-oriented to data-oriented. Such data-oriented, large-scale, 

industrialized study mode, is taking great advance to study from the genomic level, transcriptomic level as well as the

epigenomic level, which makes it possible to go on a multi-level research. In order to provide our researchers with

innovative iideas, new strategies and techniques, this workshop will focus on sequencing technology in DNA, RNA and

epigenetic level for human disease research, which includes methods and prospects. This workshop will introduce whole 

genome resequencing, exome sequencing and personalized target region sequencing technologies at DNA level.While

transcriptome sequencing engages to identify complex disease genotyping and molecular markers, screen drug targets 

and find out related genes or structural variation at RNA level. As for epigenomic level, you will see the map of whole

genome methylation and that of histone / transcription factor binding regions through bisulfite sequencing, MeDIP 

sequencing and ChIP sequencing, which helps to illustrate the pathogenic mechanisms of epigenetic modification in 

related disease.

We are looking forward to your participation at BGI Workshop.




09:00--11:20          Application of Sequencing in Human Disease Research  
11:20--12:00          Tour with BGI 
14:00--17:30          A Tour of the Castle — Linux Overview   
17:30-18:30           Q&A 
18:30-19:30           Dinner & Back to Hotel



09:00--12:00          Whole Genome& Target Region Re-sequencing Data Analysis 
14:00--17:30          Technology in DNA Level Study - WGS, Exon Sequencing, Blast, SNP, SV, Indel, CNV                           
17:30-18:30           Q&A 
18:30-19:30           Dinner & Back to Hotel  

09:00--12:00          RNA Research  - Transcriptome, MicroRNA, Genometype 
14:00--17:30          Fusing Gene Detection  
17:30-18:30           Q&A   
18:30-19:30           Dinner & Back to Hotel  

09:00--12:00          Single-Gene Disease Research - Filtering Screening, Basing on Family Linkage Analysis
14:00--17:30          Study on Complex Disease- Classic Case Study and Project Design 
17:30-18:30           Q&A  
18:30-19:30           Dinner & Back to Hotel 



09:00--12:00          Single Cell Omics 
14:00--17:30          Epigenomics by NGS and Application on Disease
17:30-18:30           Q&A  
18:30-19:30           Banquet

*With hands-on practice

Target Audience: 
Ph.D students & young postdocs who are eager to learn more about high-throughput sequencing on diseases. A little bioinformatics background / some basic experience in programming will be better. 
(Subject area can be Genomics or or human genetics)

Ming Qi , Ph.D., FACMG
Liang Wang, BGI, China
Kang Yi, BGI, China
Xin Liu, Ph.D.,BGI, China
Qibing Li, BGI, China
Yong Hou, BGI, China
Fei Gao, Ph.D.,BGI, China

Registration :
Registration fee: 7800 RMB / € 962 / £ 780 / $1300 (Learning materials and laptop rental fee are included)

Pattaya Hotel (Four-Star) 340 RMB/ night (Not included in the registration package)
Shuttle service between the hotel and BGI are available. (Twice per day during the workshop )

Contact Us:
External Training Department, BGI College
Tel :+86 -755-25273851
Address: BGI-Shenzhen, Beishan Industrial Zone, Yantian District, Shenzhen, 518083, China.

The material presented at BGI Bioinformatics Workshop is for training purpose  at BGI only. Attendees are prohibited to reuse, reprint, modify, distribute, and/or 
 copy without BGI’s written permission. 
It is prohibited to reproduce materials of any kind, including print photography,  
   audiotapes and videotapes during the courses. 
Cancellations : 
   In the event of cancellation, registrants shall pay the following fees: 
   Cancellations fees: 
a). 30% of the Total Registration Fee for cancellation before June 1st, 2014
b). 80% of the Total Registration Fee for cancellation after June 10th, 2014 
 4. During training, BGI holds no liability for accidental injury, damage to property,